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Cloud was drizzling that day and I arbitrarily planned to not to go for the work because weather was looking very pleasant and I wanted to enjoy those moments, I started watching a movie and made myself engaged in that for two hours. After some time I saw that it was started a heavy rain and I was lurked at a corner of the window so that I could avert myself from that sprinkling but it was a heavy rain and it was hard to escape from the showers so I came back to the room and opened laptop.

During the surfing on a social site I found that many of my friends were participating in an online event and the name was Arctic Fortune and I really wanted to play that contest like my all friend but didn’t know anything about that contest so I made a search for that one on internet and I came to know that it was a slot machine with some extra feature in compare to other traditional machines. If we talk about traditional slot machine then it is very easy to understand that there are many online pokies which are offered by aristrocrat, gives the chance to win free jackpot on pokies online and we can also say that these pokies are fully justified and there are no partiality at all. Last time I played at jackpot city with no deposit bonus and won ten free spins for wheres the gold which is also a premium pokie.

As I have told you before that I wanted to play that pokie so I started finding some reviews, tips and tricks for that game, I found many forums and blogs on that particular game and all were appreciating that pokie.

Very soon I had opened a website on which I could play that slot machine, it was announced by microgaming and was a 1024 ways poker machine which I had never played yet but I got some keys by which I could play that free for some slots. There were many wild symbols in that machine like monkeys, trucks, fix, scatter symbols and boxes etc. and I played that one for many hours and enjoyed the rain with online casino.