One day I ordered for a delivery of pizza and cold drink at my home because my mom went to Melbourne for my cousin’s marriage ceremony and maid was on leave. Delivery boy came after one and half an hour that’s why I was been on the warpath with that boy, and for that he started begging for excuse and offered me a broacher in which many of discounts coupon codes were given, so I forgave him and started trawling the broacher.

I found a coupon code for an online casino web site and I was interested in that because I had nothing good to do and pizza and cold drink will make that fun double, so I dragged up my tablet and entered that link which was given, after a very short I came to know that there were so many different kinds of games available and I can use that coupon code for any event on that site. It was a situation of dilemma to me to select one from those.

After couples of minutes I had selected an event which was named like Jesters Jackpot and it was designed by microgaming which I like most, the objective was same as in other pokies like we have to match some symbols across the line, it consist some wild symbols like cherry symbols and bar icons etc. I played that event for two hours and enjoyed that with my food, it was a mind blowing game I had ever played in my life and I won approximate 1000 dollars with that and for then I started planning to visit different tourist sites in Australia and I really wanted to visit Bondi Beach with all of my friends, by playing that event I had collected much money to fulfill my dream.